Lokys s.r.o.



LOKYS s.r.o. is a subsidiary of British company LOKYS Ltd.

Our company is a member of the British Chamber of Commerce CR. 

We are an environmentally minded company focused on
personal services and for companies, businesses, hotels,
golf clubs, V.I.P. persons, as well as individuals!
As Eco our partners and you can significantly raise the profile and engage in a much desired and pursued environmental activities.
In the area of personal escorts are provided in conjunction with and service cars from the upper middle class in the construction of at least a business solely on alternative clean CNG, LPG and E85 which produce up to 70% lower emissions than other fuels.
An integral part of our support for these resources.
We provide a comprehensive service any escorts or passenger transport
from limousines to buses, from individuals to entire groups, including all services associated with this including congresses.
LOKYS s.r.o. is also the architect and garanted of the project

" Drive a Green " whose main objective is the general environmental awareness and putting other company's green journey.


An integrated approach to pollution control is one of the main approaches of Lokys s.r.o. - To further reduce adverse impacts of its activities on the environment .Ecologi's behavior is a priority that promotes further.





  • 9/2013 - Membership of the British Chamber of Commerce CR
  • 5/2013 - Establishment of subsidiary LOKYS Ltd.
  • 3/2013 - launched a new automatic transport orders.
  • 2/2013 - Change for a new internet presentation with convenient order form.
  • 1/2013 - New website launched