Lokys s.r.o.


Eco transport

Our services in the area of ​​eco transport persons

They consist of more than twenty years of experience in the market, both domestic and international large-scale. As we have declared in the introduction, these services are environmentally friendly and also
Finally, also a high level!
This is the main pillar of our building to the client.


Please do not confuse our services with the usual "taxi service"!


Eco transport individuals - Cars

The service is provided by comfortable eco coaches
upper and upper middle class.

Eco transport groups - Buses and Minibuses

Our cars and buses are new, very comfortable and meet strict
safety levels with the always pleasant crew.
What others offer a superior service is our standard.
Finally, our vehicles are primarily organic!
This service has long supported also by the
Ministry of Transport and the Environment.


Drivers are regularly training and screening professionals.
Discipline of tideness, loyaliity flexibility is for us most important.
In connection with the protection of persons or minors, may also be your driver asyour Bodyguard. This is one of the most important differences from competitors when services are provided unfortunately not always qualified employees.


We accept credit card payments.
Credit terms to maturity of 14 days.
Pricing prepare individually and as required by the client.