Lokys s.r.o.


Personal protection and escorts

We provide discreet, professional protection or escort individuals based on specific client requirements.


Escort service people - this service is used frequently and
in essence, is tempered by the service inactive protection.
Where there is no acute danger-reasoned, but the client has a need for preventive passive or a placebo protection.
This service is used by clients such as business,
for the actual image of the client, for personal use, etc ...
Can be used as a once-only transport client.
Client provides specially trained personal driver
Price range of the service is very interesting ...


Service personal protection - is provided by one or more personal
guardians, or in certain situations, as well as a team.
Personal Protector is specifically trained in that profession,
carefully selected and meet strict professional criteria.
This service may be provided as a 1 +1
(Special driver training + direct protection of the client)
As required provide protection either unarmed or with a weapon
(Active / inactive). Protection can be provided, as long
and a single client needs.


In addition, we also provide escorts family members VIP persons.
We use a modified eco limousines brand VW, Audi and Mercedes.


We accept credit card payments.
Credit terms to maturity of 14 days.
Pricing prepare individually and as required by the client.